Christian Matthews : Toronto, Leslieville and East York Real Estate Agent

The Ninety

90 Broadview, in South Riverdale, Toronto

The Ninety refines classic loft living in Queen East, combining the original architectural form of the 1900’s with modern elements such as glass, concrete and steel. This fusion has resulted in a stunning nine-story residence that enjoys a large outdoor courtyard at its core that brings a green experience to everyday life. Large expanses of glass allow natural light to fill the interiors, while the exposed concrete walls emphasize the warehouse loft experience. The units contain European kitchens and premium hardwood floor creating a stylish, cultured setting that feels like home.

This project has incorporated an existing office building that was originally a 1930’s Coca Cola bottling plant so rather than reading as one building, the design translates as playful collage of multiple structures. The lobby, with its sleek and stunning all-black scheme, features strong textural contrasts using high gloss marble walls and a herringbone-laid porcelain tile floor combined with some gold and metallic detailing. Simple, modern furnishing complete the high-style but welcoming interior. The project sits on a 49,000 square feet lot located at 90 Broadview Ave.