Christian Matthews : Toronto, Leslieville and East York Real Estate Agent

Leslieville is an east-end neighbourhood that forms part of the broader neighbourhood of South Riverdale. Leslieville began as a small village in the 1850s, which grew up around the Toronto Nurseries owned by George Leslie and sons, after whom the community is named. 

Leslieville is a neighbourhood which gentrified rapidly between 2000 and 2010 it is no longer an up-and-coming neighbourhood, and there are many new restaurants, shops and cafés catering to its new populace popping up. Several industrial buildings in the immediate area, including north along Carlaw, have been revamped into condominiums. Despite the average house costing well over half a million dollars, it still has a largely working-class and middle-class sensibility. Most of Leslieville is middle class, and most working-class residents live near Gerrard. In some of the former industrial areas large film studios have opened, including Cinevillage and Showline Studios. Just to the south, in the Port Lands area, the massive new Pinewood Toronto Studios have been built.