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Parkview Hills is a quiet, secluded neighbourhood consisting of a few hundred homes surrounded by lush ravine and park land. The entrance to this neighbourhood would be easy to miss if not for the Parkview Hills stone gates, set-in from St. Clair Avenue. The gold letter inscription on these gates reads 'Parkview Gardens', which is the name of the pretty little park at this entranceway.

Parkview Hills Real Estate features homes ranging in style from bungalows, modest two-storey homes, English cottage style houses, and newer custom designed houses. The original Parkview Hills housing stock was built in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s. All the houses in Parkview Hills are detached with private drives. The lot sizes on average are among the most generous in the city and there are many spectacular ravine properties in this neighbourhood.

Recently smaller homes are being purchased for their large lots – now you can see a mix of new, large, luxurious homes in a mix of architectural styles springing up, particularly on the prime ravine lots.

As with many lands in East York, Parkview Hills was owned by the prominent Taylor family who owned mills and the Don Valle Brick Works nearby. The Taylors never settled on the lands in Parkview Hills but they participated in the subdivision of this land. Parkview Hills first opened in 1947 but there were no paved roads until 1950.