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The Upper Beaches is a rather recently coined name for the neighbourhood directly north of the Beaches area. It stretches from Coxwell Avenue in the west to Victoria Park in the east. The southern border is Kingston Road, while the northern boundary is generally considered to be the Canadian National Railway tracks between Gerrard Street and Danforth Avenue. The western part of the area was originally called Norway, and the larger area was once part of the Town of East Toronto.

Many of the homes in this neighbourhood have been built in the turn of the century and designed in often unique high Victorian Gothic, Edwardian and Toronto Bungalow architectures. Modern homes built in 2002 and later can be found in the Upper Beach Estates area northeast of Main and Gerrard. Outside the main throughfares of Gerrard Street and Kingston Road, streets are quiet and lined with century-old trees.

In the mid-19th century, most of what is now the Upper Beach was farmland with the exception of the local postal office known as the Village of Norway. Presumably named for the Norway pine trees in the area, the village resided along Kingston Road just west of Woodbine Avenue and acted as a stagecoach stop for those travelling between Toronto and Kingston.