Christian Matthews : Toronto, Leslieville and East York Real Estate Agent

There’s no escaping the raw power of first impressions, especially when it comes to selling your home. Each time a potential buyer walks through your front door, you want their immediate thought to be: WOW! Using a proven approach, my home staging experts will supply you with a customized report to breakdown and pin-point specific aspects of your house that need attention to appeal the greatest amount of potential buyers. After all, buyers aren’t just buying a property, they are buying a home.

We will take care of the planning, scheduling & designing to make sure that only the necessary changes are made. We take care of all the details so that you don’t have to. By using optimum furniture placement, artwork, lighting, decorative accessories, colour mapping, upgrades and other strategic design elements, we will highlight selling features, while helping the buyer connect emotionally to the home. We’ll give a perspective of space and a warm welcome, so a purchaser will think, “I'd like to live here." Our staging makes it easier for the buyer to picture himself living in the home.

A whopping 90% of buyers look online when they begin to search for a new home – needless to say, empty or unappealing properties get passed by pretty quickly. When rooms are beautifully furnished with the most current design trends, they are more appealing to the eye and encourage buyers to have a closer look. Our home staging demonstrates how furnishings can fit into each space and can transform unusually shaped rooms into functional areas and provide a natural flow from room to room. Our goal is to draw attention to the best features of your property and transform your space into a stunning show home that will appeal to buyers in today’s market!

Home Staging is essential in helping to bring a Buyer’s vision to life and it can make a big impact on the selling price and timeframe. Let us show you! 

Staging Benefits

•  Statistics show that a staged home sells for 10-17% more than non-staged homes

•  8 seconds is all it takes for Buyers to decide if they like your home or not

•  Staged homes spend 80% less time on the market than non-staged homes

•  Photos of your staged house look better in print & web media

•  Staged homes “stand-out” in prospective Buyers minds 

•  Over 90% of Buyers decide what homes they want to look at based on online photos

•  The cost of staging is always less than your first price reduction

•  Bottom line, staged homes SELL FASTER & for MORE MONEY